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Episode 00: In the Beginning


I’m very excited to announce the launch of Auteur Museum, a podcast dedicated to investigating those who shaped film history. The idea for Auteur Museum came though listening to one of my favorite informative podcasts, Philosophy Bites, which separates each episode into focused looks at specific topics in philosophy, delivered by experts on each topic. To my knowledge, no equivalent of Philosophy Bites exists in the wide world of film podcasting. AuMu will fill that gap by asking short, focused questions to experts of various “auteurs.”

You might notice an problem with that word. It’s already a very limiting scope if we’re talking about Andrew Sarris’s definition. AuMu will use a very liberal definition that includes acting, producing, screenwriting, and much more as categories of an auteur. If they’ve affected film history in some major way, the Museum will cover them.

Since AuMu is in its zygotic stage, a lot of initial focus will go toward growth. We will never resort to clickbait or hot takes, which means we’ll need organic growth from dedicated fans of this sort of material. Here’s where you can help for free: follow AuMu on twitter, like the page on Facebook, and spread the word throughout the film community. Every online and offline mention will help tremendously. Here’s how you can help for money: donate via our donation page. Each dollar will go toward improving the quality of the podcast, and, therefore, improving your enjoyment. Finally, if you’re a film academic or established critic who would like to be a guest on the podcast, please email me via

Auteur Museum is focused on education for students of film, passionate newcomers to cinephilia, and veterans of the film community. Thank you for visiting the Museum.

Zach Lewis

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